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Key Truths You Need to Know

Many things in life are important but nothing is more important than Key Truths.

Table Top Evangelism

Table Top Evangelism is a method for One-on-One Evangelism.

Is God Narrow Minded?

Is God Narrow Minded is an easel presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Message Checklist

What you communicate to your audience will be largely determined by the content of what you say. That might seem obvious, yet some seem to miss this point. Does an evangelist merely stand on a street corner holding a sign that says “repent” or perhaps stand on a sidewalk and shout Scripture verses at people who pass by? What is it that an evangelist is meant to do? Does the evangelist present a reasonable carefully thought through message with a particular content?

"Do the Work of an Evangelist" is a short checklist to help would be evangelists evaluate the content of their message.